Take Off the Veneer of Certainty On Climate Change Science Says Friends of Science Society

PRWeb cited Rupert Darwall on the need for reanalyzing climate ideology based on scientific uncertainty and the politicization of scientific evidence surrounding the climate debate.

Echoing the sentiments of a blog post by Dr. Judith Curry, Friends of Science Society says it is time to take off the veneer of certainty on climate change science, citing Rupert Darwall’s essay on “The Veneer of Certainty Stoking Climate Alarm” posted on the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s website, Nov. 27, 2017, which includes surprising transcripts of a workshop of the American Physical Society (APS) on scientific uncertainty on climate change and questionable politicization of scientific evidence.

Considering these clear uncertainties, it is time to stop demonizing hydrocarbons like oil, natural gas and coal as in the #PoweringPastCoal campaign, initiated by Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change at the Bonn COP23 Conference, says Friends of Science, as discussed in a three-part blog post of Nov. 29, 2017.

Despite persistent claims that there is a consensus on climate change, Friends of Science Society says their 2014 report “97% Consensus? NO! Global Warming Math Myths and Social Proofs” tells it like it is – there’s no consensus.

With nations like Ireland facing 600 million euros in fines for not reaching greenhouse gas reduction targets as reported in The Times, Nov. 28, 2017 and reblogged by the Global Warming Policy Foundation. and billions of dollars in burdensome costs for ineffective wind power as reported in Wind Aware Ireland’s latest report of Nov. 2017, the socio-economic impacts of ill thought-out climate change policy worldwide are devastating. Affordable, reliable energy policies must take precedence over uncertain climate ideology.

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