The Cycle of the Dishwasher Goes On and On…And On and On

InsideSources cites CEI’s recent petition for dishwasher efficiency.

Enter the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) and its never-ceasing war against burdensome, wasteful and sometimes pointless regulations. These warriors wield legal briefs like the crusader knights of old swung their broadswords, unyielding against the merciless red tape of their foe – the creaking, hulking, overreaching bureaucracy now overgrown and bloated. For example, the “Technical Support Document: Energy Efficiency Program for Consumer Products and Commercial and Industrial Equipment: Residential Dishwashers” runs for nearly 500 pages. It would take about as long to read that as new dishwashers take to clean pre-soaked, pre-rinsed dishes.

Led by staff attorney Devin Watkins, CEI petitioned the Department of Energy to create a new class of dishwashers that could complete a full wash cycle in under an hour and allow higher water and energy usage as a feature. This would override the much-maligned rule that capped the amount of energy and water dishwashers could use in a given cycle, which thus capped the cleaning power of the appliances and ratcheted up consumer dissatisfaction.

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