The Merciless Death of Obama’s Workforce Legacy

InsideSources discusses changes to labor policy with Trey Kovacs.

Former President Barack Obama oversaw significant changes to employment policies during his time in office, but much of that legacy has been shredded since he left less than a year ago.

The White House during those years did a lot to implement policies which were intended to help workers. The administration encouraged unionization and imposed stricter rules to protect workers against abusive employers – but critics along the way warned those policies were actually hurting both employers and workers alike.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), a free-market think tank, takes a different view on how those policy changes have impacted workers. The group has argued that the Obama-era policies hinder companies to such an extent that it was negatively impacting workers. Its research has tracked issues like the joint-employer standard and the minimum wage.

“President Obama touted a lot of these policies as helping workers, but really they just added massive costs on employers, and minimal benefits to workers,” CEI labor policy expert Trey Kovacs told InsideSources. “So I think this is a good change in direction for the Trump administration.”

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