Trump Deregulatory Effort May Just Be Getting Started

Government Executive cited CEI’s Vice President for Policy Clyde Wayne Crews on Trump administration deregulation.

The topic is of great interest to the conservative economists at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, who released a 30-page paper this week titled, “A Partial Eclipse of the Administrative State.”

“Bringing regulation and guidance under control and strengthening democratic accountability will require reining in the bureaucracies that enable and sustain rule by unelected professed experts,” wrote Clyde Wayne Crews Jr., the institute’s vice president for policy. “While interpretative rules and guidance are not subject to the Administrative Procedure Act’s notice-and-comment requirement, they are, as noted, subject to the formal submission requirement, at which they fare even worse than rules do.”

Such guidance is often written by agency specialists after a dispute has arisen among affected parties over how to interpret a regulation’s text. In a paper packed with data already assembled by congressional committees, Crews reported 608 significant guidance documents in play as of March 2018, and more than 13,000 created and released since 2008.

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