Trump’s Air Traffic Reform Looks to the Future

The Epoch Times discusses Trump’s air traffic control proposal with Marc Scribner.

The future of aviation is upon us, but we may not be ready. Commercial space travel and fleets of drones delivering freight will very soon vie for places in an increasingly crowded U.S. airspace—airspace that is being managed with 1960s technology. On June 5, President Donald Trump proposed a reform of our air traffic control system meant to bring it into the 21st century.

For Trump, reform of the air traffic control system is a first crack at the infrastructure reform he campaigned on. He announced the initiative on June 5 at the start of his administration’s Infrastructure Week, and wrote in a statement of principles that the completion of air traffic control reform will “demonstrate early progress toward much needed infrastructure reform across all sectors.”

According to Marc Scribner, senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, “the United States is the only major, industrialized nation that still has not separated its air traffic control services from its aviation safety regulator.”

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