Trump’s immigration stance resonates with voters

Examiner references CEI's report on immigration for data behind Donald Trump's stance on illegal immigration which resonates with voters.

The average cost to illegally enter the US varies. According to Competitive Enterprise Institute, unauthorized Mexican immigrants usually pay $4,000-10, 000 to cross the border. “The smuggling fee for unauthorized Central American immigrants is currently between $7,000 and $10,000. The smuggling fee for an unauthorized Chinese immigrant is about $75,000 The most recently compiled averages in 2005 show that unauthorized Asian immigrants pay $26,041 to come to America, Europeans pay $6,389, and Africans pay $2,200. The smuggled migrants do not have a green card, work permit, or other legal work authorization waiting for them in the U.S. when they arrive, but they still pay enormous sums of money.”

The rise in apprehensions is bad news for amnesty advocates who encourage open borders. It also draws voters to GOP presidential contenders who are using the illegal immigration issue to build support among a crowed GOP field. Leading the effort to curtail illegal immigration is Donald Trump. His unconventional campaign has tapped into middle class fears that opportunities and success are being squandered by illegal immigration.