Trump’s Orders Show Unwavering Attack on Federal Unions, Employees

The Washington Post cited Ian Murray on the sweeping reform occurring throughout the federal government since the Trump administration instituted new procedures through which federal management can now remove underperformers on behalf of their efforts and conduct.     

Trump’s order on “Streamlining Removal Procedures” is in line with many conservative efforts to cull the federal workforce. The order said “implementation of America’s civil service laws has fallen far short” of holding employees accountable for poor performance or conduct. “The Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey has consistently found that less than one-third of Federal employees believe that the Government deals with poor performers effectively. Failure to address unacceptable performance and misconduct undermines morale, burdens good performers with subpar colleagues, and inhibits the ability of executive agencies … to accomplish their missions.”

Trump wants to speed dismissals and exclude “any dispute concerning decisions to remove any employee from Federal service for misconduct or unacceptable performance” from grievance procedures.

Praising the orders was Iain Murray, a senior fellow at the small-government Competitive Enterprise Institute. He claims that “it has been a long-standing outrage that it is almost impossible to fire a federal civil servant who isn’t up to the job.”

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