Two Views on Danger of ‘Net Neutrality’

One News Now talks to Ryan Radia about free-market reasons to oppose Net Neutrality:

If this is a free speech issue, says the Competitive Enterprise Institute's Ryan Radia, "it's not about speech being regulated by the government."

"It's about speech being regulated by private companies," Radia suggests. "If you build a network, you own it, you operate it and you decide that your policy will be just to allow certain types of messages. You should be free to do that. Of course your subscribers are free to choose who their provider is."

Radia, who is associate director of Technology Studies at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, says he opposes net neutrality for free market reasons.

"We're not going to see Comcast blocking Fox. We won't see AT&T blocking a union website," he says, because subscribers would "revolt" and business partners would be unhappy if that happened.