Will Trump Stand in Way of Regulatory Reform?

Bloomberg BNA speaks with Ryan Young on how the Trump administration and Congress can bring regulatory reform. 

Trump himself has repeatedly promised to slash environmental, energy and other regulatory red tape once he enters the Oval Office. His selection of Reince Priebus for chief of staff has been interpreted as a signal that he wants to work with Congress, but it’s not clear whether he’s ready to go as far as trimming his own rulemaking power.

“I have no idea what President-elect Trump thinks of REINS,” Ryan Young, a fellow at the limited government think tank Competitive Enterprise Institute, told Bloomberg BNA. CEI Nov. 15 released a report urging Congress to pass the Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act, which would slow regulations with larger economic impacts.

“We will have to see if President-elect Trump will make the same mistake that President Obama made, but there’s no reason for him to do it,” Turley told Bloomberg BNA. “He can actually accomplish all of his objectives without circumventing Congress.”

That’s why Young and others are also holding out hope that Obama and congressional Democrats change their minds and help move regulatory reforms like the REINS Act. It may be one of their best chances to counteract the Trump White House in the next four years.

“If the purpose of the bill is to limit executive power, they may decide now is a good time to do that,” Young said.

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