With Angry Politics Dominating, Trump’s Smart Infrastructure Reforms Go Almost Unnoticed

Investor’s Business Daily cites 10,000 Commandments while Talking about President Trump’s infrastructure plan.

Reform: Lost amid all the political name-calling last week, President Trump’s infrastructure reforms would actually go far toward kick-starting many badly needed projects. And they’ll do so without spending massive amounts of money.

The media made a big deal of Trump on Thursday disbanding his infrastructure advisory board. Given the poisonous politics of the day, it’s not surprising.

But, once again, the media largely missed the far more important story of infrastructure reforms that Trump signed by executive order on Tuesday. While not perfect, they are an enormous improvement on the current wasteful and inefficient federal system.

So rebuilding, expanding and repairing roads, airports, bridges, ports, pipelines and other critical infrastructure should become a lot easier. As the Competitive Enterprise Institute estimates, regulation today costs the U.S. economy upward of $1.9 trillion, a lot of that coming from unnecessary regulatory costs added to infrastructure projects. Trump’s reforms will reduce that burden.

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