CEI Submits Letter to EPA on Burdensome Endangerment Finding

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Dear Administrator Pruitt:

On behalf of the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) and the Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP), I am writing to transmit to you a letter signed by more than 60 climate and health experts in support of our February 2017 petition, and in support of a similar petition filed by the Concerned Household Electricity Consumers Council, asking the Environmental Protection Agency to reconsider the 2009 Endangerment Finding for greenhouse gases.

Since 2009, a number of the basic claims in that document have become increasingly questionable, and there are growing doubts about the computer models on which the finding was based. These seriously undercut the foundation for our government’s climate policies.

The Endangerment Finding is the basis for a host of incredibly burdensome and wide-ranging regulations, ranging from auto fuel economy standards to the Clean Power Plan. These threaten access to affordable energy, as well as millions of jobs, and countless lives around the world.

The finding has been used by other federal agencies to greatly expand their own regulatory programs, while other nations and international groups have relied on it to justify their own restrictions on affordable energy.

The Endangerment Finding needs to be reexamined to ensure U.S. energy policy is based on sound science. We would appreciate the opportunity to further discuss these petitions with you.

Thank you for your consideration.


Sam Kazman
General Counsel, Competitive Enterprise Institute

October 17, 2017

The Honorable Scott Pruitt
Environmental Protection Agency

1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20460

Dear Administrator Pruitt:

You have pending before you two science-based petitions for reconsideration of the 2009 Endangerment Finding for Greenhouse Gases, one filed by the Concerned Household Electricity Consumers Council, and one filed jointly by the Competitive Enterprise Institute and the Science and Environmental Policy Project.

We the undersigned are individuals who have technical skills and knowledge relevant to climate science and the GHG Endangerment Finding. We each are convinced that the 2009 GHG Endangerment Finding is fundamentally flawed and that an honest, unbiased reconsideration is in order.

If such a reconsideration is granted, each of us will assist in a new Endangerment Finding assessment that is carried out in a fashion that is legally consistent with the relevant statute and case law.

We see this as a very urgent matter, and therefore, request that you send your response to one of the signers who is also associated with a petitioner, SEPP.

Thank you,

Kenneth Haapala
President, Science and Environmental Policy Project

P.O. Box 1126
Springfield, VA 22151

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