Requesting a TARP Disapproval Resolution

An open letter to the United States Congress

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United States Congress

Washington, DC 20515

Dear Member of Congress:

On behalf of the millions of taxpaying citizens represented by the public interest organizations below, we write to strongly encourage you to swiftly pass a notice of disapproval on releasing the remaining $350 billion in Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) funds.

From the beginning, the TARP plan was questionable, but a number of Members nonetheless resolved to support it.  It should be clear now that this was a mistake.

The stated purpose of the TARP was to purchase toxic mortgage assets.  Secretary Paulson abandoned this concept immediately after the signing ceremony. The TARP was also designed to reintroduce the flow of credit into the market and help stabilize Wall Street.  To date, neither has been accomplished.

In addition to misleading Congress about his intent on the use of TARP funds, Secretary Paulson has invaded the free market, propping up some companies to the detriment of others and purchasing stock in banks without requiring accountability or transparency about the use of taxpayer funds.

The TARP legislation specifically requires that before the second half of the $700 billion is released, the President provide Congress with a written report detailing how the additional funds are to be used.  A request to spend the second half of the funds without restraint does not meet the requirements set forth in the bill.  In addition to requiring this detailed plan, Congress should require an accounting and detailed explanation on how the initial TARP funds have been used and the prospect of a taxpayer recovery of these funds.

Congress now has an opportunity to preserve some of the taxpayers’ assets and should spend the necessary time studying the underlying causes of the economic down-turn by passing a TARP disapproval resolution.  We encourage you to take such action.



African American Republican Leadership Council Alex-St. James, Chairman

American Shareholders Association Ryan Ellis, Executive Director

Americans for Limited Government William Wilson, President

Americans for Tax Reform Grover Norquist, President

Americans for the Preservation of Liberty Mark Chmura, Executive Director

America’s Survival, Inc. Cliff Kincaid, President

Center for Fiscal Accountability Sandra Fabry, Executive Director

Center for Investors and Entrepreneurs John Berlau, Director

Citizens United David N. Bossie, President

Coalition for a Conservative Majority Ken Blackwell, Chairman

Competitive Enterprise Institute Fred L. Smith, Jr., President

Council for America Ron Pearson, President

Council for Citizens Against Government Waste Thomas Schatz, President

Family Research Council Thomas McClusky, VP for Government Affairs

Federal Intercessors Mark Williamson, President and Founder

Free Market Foundation Kelly Shackelford, Esq., President

FRC Action Connie Mackey, Senior VP

Maryland Center-Right Coalition Richard W. C. Falknor, Chairman

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. Carmen Mercer, Vice President

Minuteman Foundation Carmen Mercer, President

National Center for Public Policy Research Amy Ridenour, Chairman

National Taxpayers Union Duane Parde, President Erick Erickson, Editor Dr. William Greene, President

The FlashReport Website on CA Politics Jon Fleischman, Founder

The Inspiration Networks Ron Shuping, Executive VP of Programming