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Ronald Bailey


Ronald Bailey

Adjunct Analyst

Ronald Bailey is the science correspondent for Reason magazine and, most recently, the editor of the Competitive Enterprise Institute book Global Warming and Other Eco-Myths (,03198.cfm), published by Prima Publishing.

He is also the author of ECO-SCAM: The False Prophets of the Ecological Apocalypse (St. Martin's) and editor of The True State of the Planet (Free Press) and Earth Report 2000: The True State of the Planet Revisited (McGraw-Hill). He produced the weekly public television series TechnoPolitics and Think Tank, and several documentaries. He also co-produced the ABC News John Stossel special, "Is America #1?" In 1993, he was CEI's Warren Brookes Fellow in Environmental Journalism. He is a member of the Society of Environmental Journalists.



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