2018 National Climate Assessment Report Is Full of Dubious and Junk Science

Late last week, the Trump Administration released the 4th National Climate Assessment report, as required by law. Media headlines have breathlessly reported on the “chilling” and “ominous” predictions in the report. But the fact is the latest report amounts to a dubious, politically-driven document produced by the Obama administration, explains Myron Ebell, director of CEI’s Center for Energy and Environment:

“The National Climate Assessment was produced by the Obama administration and released by the Trump administration. It was produced to support President Obama’s climate agenda, including his anti-energy policies and regulatory onslaught, which were designed to raise energy prices and control how much and what kinds of energy people can use.

“The assessment is full of dubious and outright junk science that does not meet the minimal standards required by the Information Quality Act. The alarmists’ claims about the rate and impacts of global warming are based on discredited computer models rather than data. Contrary to the assessment’s conclusions, the rate of warming continues to be modest and the impacts continue to be mild.

“For example, there has been no increase in the frequency or intensity of severe weather events despite the constant media drumbeat about monster storms. Mortality caused by cold weather continues to be far more frequent than deaths caused by hot weather, which is one of the reasons Americans continue to move from cold climates in the northern U. S. to warmer climates in the south.” 

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