Biden Re-Regulation of Household Showerheads Portrayed by Green Groups as Solution to Existential Threat

Photo Credit: Getty

The Biden administration today announced it’s reversing the Trump administration’s efforts to deregulate consumer showerheads. The Department of Energy formally started the process by publishing a notice saying the agency would revise a Trump rule that allowed for better-performing showerheads – a consumer-friendly rule CEI supported.

“The green groups who oppose this modest deregulation are working themselves into a lather of contradictions,” said Devin Watkins, CEI attorney. “They claim no one wants the stronger showerheads but also that government needs to quickly prevent manufacturers from selling them. And manufacturing lobbying groups are praising the restrictions in order to avoid changing regulatory standards and the prospect of their competitors selling products that consumers want more.  

“Contrary to what the Biden administration and green groups claim, showerheads are not rocket science, and improved showerheads are not an existential threat to humanity’s future.”

One green activist hysterically warned that “hot water heaters couldn’t keep up with that kind of demand” of increased water flow from showerheads and that homeowners would spend thousands of dollars to reconfigure their household plumbing system.

The matter was urgent, apparently, because suppliers might actually start selling “outsized showerheads” to consumers, and the Biden administration had to “make it clear that this is a road that we as a country are not going down.”