CDC Eviction Moratorium Back In Court After Biden Defies Supreme Court Ruling

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On the heels of the CDC extending its eviction moratorium at the behest of the Biden administration, a group of realtor plaintiffs have asked the D.C. District Court for an emergency motion to enforce the Supreme Court’s ruling against the policy and promptly end the moratorium. Competitive Enterprise Institute attorney Devin Watkins says the Biden administration should have adhered to the Supreme Court’s ruling and sought any change in the law by working with Congress on new legislation:

“The Biden administration’s extension of the illegal CDC moratorium in the face of opposition by a majority of the Supreme Court will not last long. Already realtors are seeking to enforce the Supreme Court majority view and abolish the extension of the CDC eviction moratorium. Our government should be following the law and only be able to change it through an act of Congress, which doesn’t seem to support this extension.”

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