CEI Experts React to President Biden’s State of the Union Address

Photo Credit: Getty

President Joe Biden delivered his first State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress tonight. CEI policy experts weighed in on his remarks.

Vice President for Policy Wayne Crews said:

“Instead of more spending and regulation, we need sweeping liberalization to remove the impediments that hobble wealth creation and enterprise. We need privatization rather than public-private partnerships and heavy technology spending in the name of fighting foreign competition.

“Real stimulus—involving comprehensive economic liberalization—requires politically difficult changes in what people expect from the federal government. Leadership requires taking on that challenge, not just with respect to government spending, but with the ‘other national debt’—the regulatory state and the government-expanding ways in which policy makers usually respond to emergencies and economic shocks.”

Director of CEI’s Center for Energy and Environment Myron Ebell said:

“President Biden in his speech tonight has unfortunately doubled down on his disastrous policies that are contributing to higher energy costs for American consumers and globally to higher crude oil prices. The idea that massive new subsidies for electric vehicles and renewable energy will lead to lower inflation is preposterous.”