CEI on The White House Plan to Reform and Reorganize Regulatory Agencies


Today, the White House released its much-anticipated plan for reorganizing federal government agencies. Competitive Enterprise Institute policy experts praised some of the reforms but pointed to some priorities left undone.

Trey Kovacs, CEI Policy Analyst:

“The current administration’s plan to merge the Department of Labor and Education is commendable. For years, government watchdogs have identified workforce development programs as an area of waste, ineffectiveness, and duplication. Combining the agencies will encourage the sharing of best practices that can lead to the elimination of poor-performing workforce development efforts and cultivate more successful government programs.”

Iain Murray, CEI Vice President of Strategy: 

“The President’s plan to reorganize the Executive Branch is laudable and yet disappointing. The focus on creating a better experience for the citizen who consumes government services rather than the bureaucrat that is supposed to provide them is a step in the right direction. However, it is disappointing that the opportunity was not taken to propose a wholesale reduction in the size of government, as the President’s budgets have recommended.

“Nevertheless, many of the suggestions are praiseworthy. The plan will centralize statistical agencies, as the Competitive Enterprise Institute has recommended, and make some progress towards privatization in relation to the Tennessee Valley Authority and the U.S. Postal Service, as well as moving air traffic control services to a non-profit entity.”