CEI Praises House Plan to Fix Obamacare Menu Labeling Mandate


House Republicans are expected to vote tomorrow, February 6, on a bipartisan bill to scale back the most onerous provisions of the Obamacare menu labeling mandate. The mandate requires restaurants and retail food establishments to provide calorie and nutrition information to customers for every possible combination of food offered, including pizza, with its endless combinations of toppings and crusts. Competitive Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow Michelle Minton praised the House for taking action:

“The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) menu labeling rule is vague, overly broad, and expensive. Informal advice in the form of an FDA guidance memo has failed to fix fundamental flaws with the rule itself. House lawmakers deserve credit for their vote this week on a plan to fix major problems with the FDA menu labeling rule. The bill, H.R. 772 the Common Sense Nutrition Disclosure Act, restores the responsibility of Congress in exercising its proper role of agency oversight and providing clear, fair, permanent rules that impact millions of businesses and consumers nationwide.”

CEI signed a coalition letter to Congress in November 2017 in support of H.R. 772.