CEI Sues U.S. State Department for Information on Paris Climate Agreement Maneuverings

paris feature

Today, the Competitive Enterprise Institute filed a lawsuit challenging the U.S. State Department’s (State) refusal to act on a series of CEI Freedom of Information Act requests for more information regarding State’s backstage work on the Paris Climate Agreement.

CEI is seeking documents related to State’s use of outside individuals and groups, called “validators,” to promote the Paris climate treaty under the Obama Administration, and State’s use of an encrypted instant messaging service during the November 2017 Bonn conference on the UN’s climate change framework convention.  

“This information is important to the American public, as the Trump administration still needs to develop a plan and timeline for withdrawing the United States from the Paris Agreement. Americans should know the extent to which the State Department orchestrated outside experts and groups in pushing talking points about the need for the Paris Agreement and its alleged nontreaty status,” said CEI General Counsel Sam Kazman.” Documents and other information we have regarding our unprocessed requests strongly suggest the State Department has something serious to hide regarding its attempts to grease the skids for the energy-crippling climate plan that President Trump has rejected.”