EPA Global Warming Whistleblower Scandal Spurs Activist Campaign

EPA Global Warming Whistleblower Scandal Spurs Activist Campaign

Freedom Action Mobilizing Citizen Activists

Washington, D.C., September 14, 2009—The Environmental Protection Agency is in an unprecedented regulatory push to restrict carbon dioxide emissions. However, its recent attempt to stifle an internal report criticizing its approach may create an unexpected roadblock.  A new organization affiliated with CEI, Freedom Action, launched a grass-roots email campaign to pressure EPA into changing course on its pending “Endangerment” proceeding, the rulemaking underling all EPA global warming proposals.

Freedom Action is urging the public to email three basic demands to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson:  1) to halt any action on carbon dioxide until its has formally apologized to the senior EPA analyst whose report was suppressed; 2) to re-open the  Endangerment proceeding so that public can submit comments on both the report and on EPA’s attempt to suppress it; and 3) to submit its Endangerment evidence to an impartial agency judge who can take testimony under oath and subject it to cross-examination.  The last point was requested by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in a series of legal submissions, but EPA has not yet responded to the Chamber’s petition.

CEI general counsel Sam Kazman stated: “Despite the new administration’s repeated claims of scientific integrity and transparency, EPA’s whistleblower scandal suggests that this agency is committed to a predetermined regulatory agenda.  We urge EPA to take the steps outlined in this email campaign if it wishes to demonstrate any degree of fairness on this issue.”

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