Global Warming Conference A Smashing Success

WASHINGTON, DC, JULY 15. Over 160 People gathered at the National Press Club today to learn more about the cost and impact of the treaty that the Clinton Administration plans to sign in Kyoto in December. “The Costs of Kyoto”, organized by Competitive Enterprise Institute, invited a distinguished group of speakers to discuss the different impacts that the Kyoto treaty would have, both nationally and globally.

Highlights of the conference included:

  • Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) spoke on the importance of basing decisions of this magnitude on real science and not rushing into any agreement.
  • Paul O’Sullivan, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Australian Embassy, explained why Australia is fighting against a treaty that imposes an undue burden with minimal return.
  • Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE) discussed the role of the U. S. Senate during the treaty process and expressed concern that the Clinton Administration is negotiating a treaty without input from the Senate.

In addition, other speakers included:

  • Roy Spencer, Senior Scientist for Climate Studies, NASA.
  • Roger Bate, Institute of Economic Affairs.
  • David Montgomery, Charles River Associates.
  • Eugene Trisko, United Mine Workers Association.
  • Deepak Lal, UCLA.
  • Wilfred Beckerman, University of Oxford.

As it stands now, the treaty that the Clinton Administration is trying to sell to the American public would have far reaching negative consequences for a minimal benefit. Each speaker addressed the potential impacts that a global warming treaty would have, and urged caution before implementing any global agreement

Enclosed are copies of Senator Craig, Senator Hagel, and Paul O’Sullivan’s remarks and a copy of the conference schedule. Please contact Emily McGee at 202-331-1010 if you would like to get a transcript of any other speakers or if you have any other questions.

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