Gov’t Ban on Cell Phones While Driving Won’t Improve Safety

Washington, DC, December 14, 2011 –  Citing concern over “distracted driving,” the National Transportation Safety Board called on all states to ban on cell phone use and texting while driving.  CEI experts called such a ban unnecessary and intrusive.

“Police already have more than enough reasons to stop cars,” said Sam Kazman, CEI General Counsel.  “Absent hard evidence that a cell phone ban would improve traffic safety, NTSB has no business recommending such a ban.”

“The recommendations from the National Transportation Safety Board ought to be ignored,” said Marc Scribner, a CEI transportation policy expert.  “Such a ban would be difficult, if not impossible, to enforce. What is even more troubling is how NTSB implies that mobile phone use is somehow the most frequent source of driver distraction. Drivers conversing with passengers was a factor in nearly five times as many crashes as mobile phone use, including phone conversations, dialing, and texting. Note that the NTSB has not called for a ban on speaking in cars.”

CEI technology policy expert Ryan Radia has pointed to a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety that concluded that state texting bans might actually increase automobile accidents. (Read more:

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