How To Be Patriotic on National Donut Day

WASHINGTON, D.C., June 6, 2013 — Tomorrow, June 7th, is National Donut Day. For some companies, the day is an occasion for unveiling new types of baked goods and breakfast foods. Going a step further, the Competitive Enterprise Institute suggests that millions of Americans turn that day into a new way of celebrating freedom. Specifically, we urge Americans to eat not one but two donuts—one for themselves, and one for their liberty.

In a time of ever-growing government involvement in every aspect of our lives, tomorrow is the day to make the donut a tool for telling politicians and bureaucrats to mind their own business. We have the White House nagging us to eat this and not eat that, FDA slapping warning labels on everything in sight, EPA declaring that every breath we take poisons the climate, and the Department of Energy raising appliance efficiency standards to infinity and beyond. To all of them, let’s say bug off. And unashamedly having a donut or two, in public, with smiles on our faces and glazed crumbs on our hands, might be the most satisfying way to do it—at least on this day of the year. Let’s make this a day of freedom.

Michelle Minton, CEI Fellow in Consumer Policy Studies, stated: “It’s sweet revenge to eat sweets in protest of government attempts to stop us from living as we see fit.”

Sam Kazman, CEI General Counsel, stated: “This shouldn’t get us in trouble with the IRS, but you never know.”