In Horse-trading Deal, Trump Renominates Problematic NLRB Democrat


Last night, President Trump renominated a controversial Democrat for another five-year term at the powerful National Labor Relations Board – reportedly as part of a deal to hasten Senate consideration of dozens of other nominees delayed by Senate Democrats.

Competitive Enterprise Institute labor policy expert Trey Kovacs warned against keeping Mark Pearce at the NLRB.

“It is disappointing that President Trump would renominate Mark Pearce to the National Labor Relations Board. As Chairman, Pearce spearheaded possibly the most partisan NLRB to date and tilted labor relations far in favor of labor unions over workers and job creators. Renominating Pearce directly contradicts the stated goals of this administration to ease burdensome regulations and create jobs. As head of the Board, Pearce created immense regulatory uncertainty at the workplace. Hopefully the Senate take a close look at Pearce’s record at the NLRB and quickly discover he is aggressively pro-union and far from the impartial arbitrator that Congress intended NLRB members to be. “


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