Kemp to Testify Before Congress Against Early Action Legislation

Washington, DC, July 13, 1999 – “Will corporations fall for global-warming trickery?” asked the Honorable Jack Kemp, Distinguished Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), in a New York Times op-ed. Mr. Kemp will address this issue in testimony before the House Government Reform Subcommittee on National Economic Growth, Natural Resources, and Regulatory Affairs.

The subcommittee, chaired by Rep. David McIntosh (R-IN), will hear testimony regarding the “early action” emission credit bills that are pending before the committee. Mr. Kemp, representing CEI, will testify against legislative proposals for early action credits. Such proposals would move the United States one large step closer to implementing the Kyoto Protocol without Senate ratification.

The hearing, scheduled to take place on July 15 at 2:30pm in 2154 Rayburn, will also include testimony from representatives from the Department of Energy and the Environmental Defense Fund, an environmental pressure group that supports early action credits as a way of building industry support for the Kyoto Protocol.

CEI, a non-profit, non-partisan public policy group founded in 1984, is dedicated to the principles of free enterprise and limited government. For more information, please contact Emily McGee, director of media relations, at 202-331-1010.