‘Major Emitters’ Meet on Global Warming

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Washington, D.C., September 26, 2007—Representatives of major industrial and developing nations will meet this week for State Department-sponsored negotiations on greenhouse gas reductions. The nations represented collectively account for around 90% of global emissions.

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“The Major Emitters meeting is a recognition that the Kyoto Protocol is a dead end and that a new approach to global warming must be taken.  Kyoto’s mandatory commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are not being fulfilled by the European Union, Japan, or Canada,” said Competitive Enterprise Institute Director of Global Warming Policy Myron Ebell. “We hope that the nations meeting in Washington will drop Kyoto-style energy-rationing that will make the world poorer and instead adopt  policies to foster new technologies and build resiliency in societies.” 


For comment and analysis of the proposals being considered this week in Washington, contact the policy experts of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, which has long been at the forefront of the global warming debate. More information is available at www.globalwarming.org.


Global Warming Experts Available for Interviews

Myron Ebell

Director of Global Warming Policy


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Iain Murray

Director of Projects & Analysis


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Marlo Lewis, Ph.D.

Senior Fellow


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Senior Fellow


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