Nation Goes Back To Work Of Economic Recovery

Washington, D.C., September 20, 2001— The terrorist attacks of last week have left a heavy burden on the United States – psychologically, politically, and economically.  As the nation attempts to get back to business and regain its prosperity, the future of many key industries is uncertain.  Airlines, the most dramatically affected, will have to cope both with new security demands from the federal government and customers reluctant to return to the airways.  Oil companies and others in the energy sector will have to plan for future instability in international petroleum markets and reduced demand as the general economy slows.  Finally, the technology and e-commerce sectors will have to respond to requests from law enforcement agencies for greater access to customer data and to demands from civil liberties groups to maintain privacy.  For comment or interviews on these issues, contact the experts below.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” />


Expert Available on the Airline Industry

James L. Gattuso

Vice President for Policy

Recently seen and heard: Crossfire (CNN), Nightly Business Report (PBS), & MSNBC Live.

 Experts Available for Interviews on Energy & Oil Dependence

Myron Ebell

Director of Global Warming Policy

Recently seen and heard: The News Hour with Jim Lehrer (PBS), Street Sweep (CNN), & Morning Edition (NPR).

Christopher C. Horner

Adjunct Analyst

Recently seen and heard: CNN Sunday Morning, The News Hour with Jim Lehrer (PBS), & Talk of the Nation (NPR).

Experts Available for Interviews on Technology, Privacy & Civil Liberties

James V. DeLong

Senior Fellow in Technology & Innovation

Recently seen and heard: The Washington Post, TechCentralStation, & AP Radio News.

Solveig Singleton

Senior Policy Analyst

Recently seen and heard: The McLaughlin Group, United Press International, & The Renaissance Network.

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