New CEI Ad Imagines How the Green New Deal will Change Thanksgiving at Grandma’s

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The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) today launched a new television ad as part of an ad campaign illustrating the costs and tradeoffs associated with the so-called Green New Deal.

The 30-second ad, called “Scooters,” imagines the new economic reality American families would face under the Green New Deal and tradeoffs they might have to make to get to grandma’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. The ad will air on MSNBC in the lead up to tonight’s Democratic primary debate in the DC market and continue for a week on cable news stations.

“Scooters” is the second ad in a quarter million dollar campaign that began with an ad titled “Can You Afford the Green New Deal,” which aired on CNN last month.

“Since Washington politicians are asking the American people to support energy rationing that will lead to higher costs and a complete restructuring of our economy, CEI is asking families to imagine what life would be like under the Green New Deal,” said CEI President and CEO Kent Lassman. “The Green New Deal would cost families tens of thousands of dollars in higher energy, housing, and logistics costs and everyone should think about how those higher costs would affect their daily lives.”  

Watch the ad: 



:30 seconds

DAD: Uno minuto until we leave for Grandma’s — gobble, gobble! 

MOM: Bird’s done…I think. Luke! Get your hands off that stuffing.

DAD: Sophie, we’re leaving without you! 

SOPHIE: Chillax, my peeps, it’s like five minutes to gramp’s…Can I drive?

MOM: Not this year, sweetie. 

DAD: The Green New Deal has sent the price of gas through the roof!

MOM: If we want to go to gramp’s for Thanksgiving…

DAD: AND still pay the mortgage…

MOM: Desperate times call for desperate measures.

LUKE: I call wishbone!

LUKE: Let’s go! 

SOPHIE: You sure we can’t take the car?

DAD: I’m sure.

NARRATOR: The Green New Deal is a bad deal.