New Executive Order to Stimulate Recovery by Deregulating Builds on CEI’s #NeverNeeded Campaign

The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) commended President Trump’s decision today to sign a new Executive Order directing cabinet members and agency heads to immediately identify and repeal or suspend regulations hindering recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. Since the beginning of the crisis, CEI experts have led a #NeverNeeded campaign to identify and advocate for the repeal of regulations that stand in the way of effective response to and recovery from the pandemic.

CEI President Kent Lassman said:

“The Competitive Enterprise Institute applauds President Trump’s new executive order directing agency heads to take immediate and expedited steps to eliminate or suspend regulations impeding recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. CEI has identified dozens of regulations that were never needed and now hinder response to, and recovery from, this pandemic.  Widespread repeal is necessary and on the way.  The work of recovery and a resurgent economy begins now and won’t end until we have refashioned the relationship between Americans and an overbearing regulatory state.”

CEI Vice President for Policy Wayne Crews said:

“Too many federal rules were never needed and are especially problematic now, because they aggravate the health and economic crisis. The Trump administration is right to heed calls to do its part unilaterally to cut red tape. Next, Congress should do its part to permanently eliminate rules that inflict all-pain with little gain.”

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