Senate Confirms Much-Needed Trump Labor Appointees


The Senate is set to confirm two long-awaited appointees for key labor positions. Competitive Enterprise Institute labor policy analyst Trey Kovacs says the labor experts will have a big impact on important policies at the National Labor Relations Board and the U.S. Department of Labor, respectively.

Statement on Senate confirmation of John Ring to NLRB:

John Ring’s Senate confirmation to the National Labor Relations Board should make a big difference in the Board’s ability to restore balance and stability to labor-management relations nationwide. With the complete, five-member NLRB finally back to full strength, it can get to work rolling back a spate of recent decisions that killed jobs and weakened worker freedom, such as the ruling on joint employer liability that now threatens so many small businesses, contractors, and franchise entrepreneurs.

Statement on Senate confirmation of Patrick Pizzella as Deputy Labor Secretary:

The Deputy Labor Secretary is a crucial position in running the agency, and filling that vacancy will enable the agency to better address urgent labor policy issues. Patrick Pizzella brings a wealth of experience, previously serving on the Federal Labor Relations Authority and at the Department of Labor itself, that will enable him to hit the ground running as new Deputy Labor Secretary.

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