Senate Democrats Offer High Cost, Low Value Spending Spree on Infrastructure

Competitive Enterprise Institute transportation expert Marc Scribner says the problem with the new Senate Democrat plan on infrastructure spending is that it’s focused on expensive but insignificant projects instead of the most important priority this year: reauthorization of the Federal Aviation Administration.

Statement by Marc Scribner, Competitive Enterprise Institute senior fellow:

“Senate Democrats have hastily assembled a $1 trillion federal spending spree on nationally insignificant infrastructure projects,” said Marc Scribner, a senior fellow with the Competitive Enterprise Institute. “Though the plan is unlikely to go anywhere, Democrats have signaled they are not serious about focusing on the top national infrastructure priority: the must-pass, multiyear reauthorization of the Federal Aviation Administration.

“The current FAA authorization expires at the end of the fiscal year, and Congress has a great opportunity to modernize our nation’s air traffic control system, airports, and aviation safety regulations. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer should allow Senate Commerce Committee Ranking Member Bill Nelson to take the lead on working toward a bipartisan FAA bill instead of engaging in transparent political grandstanding.”