Supreme Court Ruling Curtails California Privilege Wrongly Given to Labor Unions

Photo Credit: Getty

Today the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a case concerning a California regulation giving special permissions to labor unions vis a vis access to private property. CEI Research Fellow Sean Higgins praised the court’s ruling:

“The Supreme Court was correct in ruling today in Cedar Point Nursey v. Hassid that a California regulation granting union organizers access to a business’s private property amounted to a taking without compensation of that property. The decision is notable because it affirms that the right to collectively bargain does automatically supersede other rights and, therefore, unions need not be granted special exemptions from ordinary laws and regulations.

“In the case of the California rule, the property access rights granted to unions were not only an abuse of other peoples’ private property rights, but the regulation wasn’t really about allowing workers to organize, either. In the age of social media, workers can organize in any number of ways. Rather, the regulation was about giving union organizers an additional means to disrupt employers’ worksites and harass the people there. The majority correctly ruled that allowing that was wrong no matter what the intention behind it.”