U.S. Economy Added 916k Jobs in March 2021, Further Proof Lifting Govt Restrictions Helps Recovery

Photo Credit: Getty

The U.S. economy experienced gains in March, due to states reopening and vaccines rolling out. Sean Higgins, CEI research fellow, urged governments to continue lifting restrictions to get people back to work.

Statement by Sean Higgins:

“The Labor Department numbers released today showing that 916,000 jobs were added in March are the latest proof that the way to fix economic damage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic is to lift the state and federal restrictions and let people get back to work.

“The department found that the number of people either unable to work in March because their employer was closed or who worked fewer hours for pandemic-related reasons was 11.4 million, down nearly two million from February’s 13.3 million. That indicates that the partial lifting of restrictions has accelerated economic growth. But other businesses are still suffering because restrictions haven’t been completely lifted. Government officials must remove the remaining restrictions to get the economy back on track.”