What’s Stupid About Bottled Water?

D.C., January 30, 2009—The
Competitive Enterprise Institute today is releasing a new video highlighting
the vital importance of bottled water during natural disasters and other
emergencies. Despite its importance to public health, some activists have been
attacking the bottled water industry and lobbying for its product to be banned.

“Some government officials say that consumers who chose
bottled water are stupid and reckless,” said Angela Logomasini, Director of
Risk & Environmental Policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. “But
our video shows that their condemnation of this business is what’s truly
stupid. After all, whom do officials call on when a natural disaster
hits?  They call on bottled water companies, whose donations make a
life-saving difference.”

Environmental activists claim that bottled water creates too
much needless waste for landfills, uses too much energy to transport, and
contributes to global warming. They say that tap water is essentially the same,
but costs less and requires fewer resources to produce and transport. As the
Competitive Enterprise Institute has
, the anti-bottled water claims about the value of bottled water
are not accurate, and the activist hype has created a public campaign against
bottled water. This campaign threatens consumer access as taxes and regulations
are increasingly offered as the “solution.” 

Read more about the
issue and sign the petition in support of bottled water at www.EnjoyBottledWater.org.

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