More Overtime Rules Enrich Obama

The Washington Times‘ editorial board notes that the Obama administration is poised to introduce “new and murkier definitions of overtime eligibility” that will “stifle job growth” and reduce “flexibility and hours” for workers (“Working overtime to stifle job growth,” Comment & Analysis, March 17).

Currently, employers are moving jobs from liberal states such as California, which have rigid and burdensome overtime rules, to conservative states such as Arizona, which don’t, as Arizona businessman Warren Meyer explained in closing his operations in California. By making overtime rules burdensome nationwide, the Obama administration eliminates this competitive advantage enjoyed by conservative and moderate states over liberal ones. That rewards Mr. Obama’s political base even as it harms the country as a whole.

The Washington Times also notes that more burdensome and confusing overtime rules “will ignite an explosion of litigation” against employers, resulting in “fewer jobs.” However, to Mr. Obama, lawsuits are a feature, not a bug, since they enrich trial lawyers, who bankroll the Democratic Party.