White House releases latest regulatory plans

Photo Credit: Getty

The White House on Wednesday afternoon released its latest plans for rulemaking on energy, the environment and beyond.

The fall Unified Agenda emerged roughly two months behind schedule at a time when President Joe Biden faces intense pressure from his base to deliver on critical climate and environmental regulations.

The White House Office of Management and Budget said the agenda “advances the Administration’s ambitious climate and clean energy agenda with ongoing efforts to promote clean air and clean water, improve energy security and efficiency, and help mitigate the dangers of climate change.”

But the administration has already missed deadlines on power plant and toxics rules, and has faced criticism for delays on its final methane emissions standards for oil and gas (Climatewire, Jan. 4).

The agenda says EPA’s planned carbon proposals for new and existing fossil fuel power plants have slipped from March to April. The agency now plans to finalize the rules by June 2024.

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