Catching The Chimera: Right-To-Work In Michigan

Labor leaders have seen the writing on the wall for their movement for a while now. But that writing just got bolder and more ominous for them.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder announced in a stunning press conference today that he would sign legislation making Michigan the 24th right-to-work state as soon as he can, possibly this week. The Detroit Free Press reports:

During a news conference in the state’s Capitol, Snyder said the Legislature will proceed with right-to-work legislation for public and private employees – which would exclude police and firefighters – and that the bills could be introduced Thursday during the lame-duck session.

‘The goal isn’t to divide Michigan. It is to bring Michigan together,’ the governor said, as hundreds of union protesters stormed the Capitol and the governor’s office, voicing their opposition to the plan.

Previously, Snyder had kept right-to-work at a distance, seemingly hesitant to take on such a large fight deep inside union territory. So what changed his mind?