Receipt Shows What Is Wrong with the Minimum Wage

In a previous post, I noted that Seattle’s proposed minimum wage was already having a negative impact on job creation and that Chicago should be wary of implementing a similar government mandated wage.

Alex Bolt, writing on, lists several examples of how SeaTac’s, a suburb outside of Seattle, $15 minimum wage hike has already discouraged employers from hiring and expanding their businesses.

And now businesses in SeaTac have begun to pass on the cost of a $15 minimum wage to consumers by charging a 8.25 percent living wage surcharge, see below: has verified that the receipt is authentic and reports, “To deal with the higher wage, enacted on Jan. 1, Masterpark is charging customers an additional 99 cents per parking day, a surcharge that comes on top of all other taxes and fees.”

Hopefully, the adverse outcome in SeaTac should act as a warning to any city contemplating a minimum wage hike, especially one like Chicago with 10.9 percent unemployment rate.