Union Officials Exploit Tragedy to Increase Membership and Dues


Union officials have a long history of propagating tragedy to enforce their pro-union agenda. Big Labor is able to accomplish this effect as efficiently and discretely as any other special interest group. Currently, these union tactics are being used excessively in California. The deaths of two workers have given union officials the opportunity to exploit misfortune to progress their deceitful agenda.

Union officials’ reaction to these deaths would be acceptable if the legislation and comments made about the tragedies coincided with their recommended policy. The first incident of union deception is the proposal of “The Fair Treatment for Farm Workers Act” (Senate Bill 104). This legislation follows the 2008 death of a pregnant farm worker from heat exhaustion, and after the employer was given what union officials described as a slap on the wrist.

Workplace abuse in this regard is abhorred by all and there are laws in place to prevent employers from using unfair labor practices. However, union officials believe that instead of enforcing the existing laws, new legislation is necessary to counteract abusive workplace practices. SB 104 is an example of this strategy. One would think the unions’ goal would be increased employee safety, but what correlation do union election rules have with workers’ rights?  None, other than union official’s priority to increase membership and fill union coffers.