Welcome to the New Workplace Choice!

Step right up!

Welcome, boys and girls of all ages, to the new and improved WorkPlaceChoice.org, your one-stop shop for all things labor. Included herein for your education and amusement you will find:

-A compendium of the most recent, and comprehensive academic studies from some of the world’s leading institutions examining all aspects of labor law and regulation and their impact on economic growth and employment.

-An up-to-date record of all pro-worker, labor related legislation coming out of Congress, as well as a handy score-card on how each member votes on such legislation. Find out if your representative is really “pro-worker!”

-A new blog, “The Free Labor Forum,” where pro-worker advocates break news as well as debate the great labor issues of our time.

-“Labor Laughs,” an original cartoon strip featuring the Johnsons, an average American family whose economic hopes are continually frustrated by labor unions and their allies in government. “Labor Laughs” will also collect and feature labor-themed cartoons from newspapers around the country.

“Big Labor Bosses Gone Wild,” a continually updated collection of some of the wildest, stupidest, most outrageous statements from union leaders, on everything from communism to Twinkies.

“WPC Original Video,” a series of short and sharable educational videos aimed at instructing viewers of all ages exactly how labor unions and the laws and regulations they champion hurt the bottom line of every taxpayer in America.

-And of course, the “Labor News Roundup.” WPC will scour the web several times daily to bring to you the latest breaking news and most thoughtful commentary on everything labor related, from union corruption to minimum wage laws to NLRB (mis)rulings.

The new WorkPlaceChoice—Liberating Labor. One worker at a time.

Editor-in-Chief – Matt Patterson

Managing Editor – Trey Kovacs

Contributor – Julia Tavlas