Who’s the Outsourcer-in-Chief? Obama

Earlier, after discussing all the jobs that have been sent overseas by the Obama administration using taxpayer subsidies, I dubbed President Obama the “Outsourcer-in-Chief.” Now, he’s using the term — but not for himself (see this news story). My explanation for classifying Obama as the “Outsourcer-in-Chief” can be found at this link. See also this commentary, “Obama, The King of Outsourcing — at Taxpayer Expense.”

Outsourcing by private businesses can indirectly benefit some American workers. (By reducing the cost of components used in American products, outsourcing can actually save American jobs by making a finished product produced by American workers cost-competitive, in addition to benefiting American consumers by making the product cheaper).

By contrast, using taxpayer money (and regulations) to move American jobs overseas, the way Obama has done, is bad for both American workers and the economy.