Business Community Makes Final Push to End Obama-Era Franchise Rule

InsideSources covers the passage of the Save Local Business Act.

The business community is ramping up its efforts to underscore the dangers of a recently expanded contracting rule ahead of a congressional vote Tuesday intended to reverse it.

The joint-employer standard determines whether an employer is legally responsible for the employees of a company it contracts with. Former President Barack Obama was in office when the standard was expanded to the dismay of the business community. House Republicans could soon kill the update if they vote to approve the Save Local Business Act. The Senate will also need to pass the bill before it can be signed by President Donald Trump.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), a free-market think tank, has worked alongside the industry coalitions since the start. CEI has released several reports in recent years intended to highlight the potential risks the new standard poses. It also issued a coalition letter of free-market advocates Oct. 3 who believe the bill will help address the problem.

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