Court scraps Labor Department’s ‘persuader’ rule

Washington Examiner discusses a court ruling on the Department of Labor's "persuader rule" with Trey Kovacs.  

Trey Kovacs, labor policy analyst for the libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute, said that large employers were unlikely to have been affected since they typically hire specialist attorneys who already disclose their contracts or already have in-house counsel who can do it. The rule would have had its biggest impact on small and medium-size employers.

"These companies are far less likely to have inside counsel to guide them through the dos and don'ts of what actions an employer may take during a union organizing campaign. And legal counsel during an organizing campaign is even more necessary now because of the recent regulatory changes made by the National Labor Relations Board that impose extremely short deadlines to file motions during union elections," Kovacs said. The labor board is the main federal labor law enforcement agency.

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