For Elaine Chao, the easy part begins and ends tomorrow

DC Velocity discusses Elaine Chao’s nomination for Department of Transportation Secretary with Marc Scribner. 

Cost-benefit analysis will be the order of the day at a Chao DOT, according to Marc Scribner, a senior fellow specializing in transport issues at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a free-enterprise think tank with a jaundiced view toward regulation. “There will be a general skepticism of regulating first and asking questions later,” said Scribner, a reference to what he said was the modus operandi of the Obama DOT. Ray LaHood and Anthony Foxx, the transport secretaries during President Barack Obama’s two terms, “didn’t really care about the costs” of regulations even if there were legitimate questions about whether the policies would result in safety improvements, Scribner said. That mindset will change under Chao, he predicted.

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