GOP tees up effort to roll back Biden’s ‘overly broad’ joint employer rule

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CEI’s Sean Higgins is cited in the Washington Examiner on recent GOP efforts to roll back an ‘overly broad’ joint employer rule:

Sean Higgins, a labor policy expert at the Competitive Enterprise Institute who generally thinks joint-employer standards are a “good idea,” told the Washington Examiner that the new NLRB rule is “just overly broad.”

“Indirect control is just a term of art that doesn’t really mean anything. What’s indirect control mean? There’s no actual definition,” Higgins explained. “So if any company has any sort of connection, however tangential to another one, you can argue that they’re having indirect control over the other company’s policies, and reserve control goes even further than that because it says the first company doesn’t even have to do anything.

“It doesn’t even have to be aware of policy violations at the second company as long as there’s some sort of tangential connection, and hypothetically, the first company could have prevented a violation of the second one, then that company is liable for any violations at the other that occurred.”

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