Here’s Why Obama’s Upcoming Overtime Rule Faces Fierce Opposition

The Daily Caller discusses the coalition letter CEI headed up to urge Congress to take action against the Obama administration's overtime rule. 

Managers and administrators under current law do not qualify for overtime if they make $23,660 annually. The new rule is expected to raise the exemption threshold to around $50,000 annually. The Competitive Enterprise Institute, Americans for Prosperity, Center for Worker Freedom and FreedomWorks among several other organizations signed the letter.

“The legislation requires the U.S. Secretary of Labor to conduct a thorough economic analysis on how updating overtime rules would affect small businesses and take into consideration cost-of-living differences,” the coalition letter stated. “The undersigned groups believe workers should receive fair pay for a day’s work, but the overtime rule as proposed is a poor vehicle to do so.”

“Industries and organizations across the country—from universities to community care providers—would face drastic increases in labor costs as a result of the Obama administration’s new interpretation,” the letter continued. “By increasing the threshold, many workers will lose salaried employment status and the benefits they depend on, like flexible work arrangements and health benefits.”

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