Obama Sets A Record For Red Tape in 2016

The Washington Times discusses regulation under the Obama administration with Clyde Wayne Crews.

Clyde Wayne Crews, CEI’s vice president for policy, said Republicans in Congress have “accommodated” Mr. Obama regulatory push.

Lawmakers “would not block excessive regulatory actions or executive overreach via the constitutional means at its disposal — withholding the purse. They were too worried about being blamed for shutting down the government,” Mr. Crews said in a blog post.

The incoming 115th Congress “will in all likelihood roll back some Obama rules issued during the final stretch of his term, using ‘resolutions of disapproval’ allowed by the Congressional Review Act, Mr. Crews said.

“That effort could potentially get rid of many dozens of rules, but, knowing Republicans, will probably get rid of just a few,” he said. “Even maxed out, CRA ‘resolutions of disapproval’ will be only a start of what’s needed in 2017.”

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