Objections To Optional Tolling Plan Are ‘Silly,’ Experts Say

The Daily Caller cites CEI`s Marc Scribner on optional tolling plan:

“The I-77 corridor has seen a 20 percent increase in traffic volumes over the past five years,” Competitive Enterprise Institute research fellow Marc Scribner told The Daily Caller News Foundation, and “tolling with variable pricing is the only way to effectively deal with traffic congestion.”

“This should be a no-brainer,” especially since Cintra will assume most of the construction costs and risk, he said, describing objections to the plan as “silly.”

“I suspect most of the business groups opposed to the HOV lane conversion and additional express lane would simply prefer to have somebody else pay for their road use,” Scribner added. “Opponents wrapping themselves in the rhetoric of limited government aren’t fiscal conservatives; they’re road socialists demanding more and more of other people’s money.”