Trump to Nominate Kaplan, Emanuel for Key Labor Board Spots

Bloomberg BNA covers President’s Trumps progress in nominating two members to the National Labor Relations Board and CEI’s take on the matter.

The Trump Administration has submitted attorneys Marvin Kaplan and William Emanuel for FBI background checks and plans to nominate them by June to fill the two vacant slots on the National Labor Relations Board, sources briefed on White House plans told Bloomberg May 10.

The administration hopes to have the new members confirmed by the Senate before the August recess, the sources said. Business lobbyists and other stakeholders have been prodding the White House to fill the seats, a move they say will help to peel back various Obama administration labor initiatives.

Prominent conservatives have urged the Trump administration to move more quickly to flip the board’s majority from Democratic to Republican by filling the vacancies, which have been open since before Trump took office. Days after Trump’s inauguration, the Wall Street Journal published an editorial headlined “Don’t Ignore the Labor Board” that warned against “dawdling” over appointments there.

In March, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce wrote a letter to the White House arguing that “the quicker the two vacant Board seats are filled, the quicker a newly-constituted Board can embark upon revealing the labor law playing field” and “begin undoing the Obama NLRB’s radical policy shifts” on workplace issues.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute in its April rundown of “the good, the bad, and the ugly” of Trump’s first 100 days on labor policy cited the lack of NLRB appointments as the “ugly.”

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